The ATEX Directive governs all machines and equipment that have been introduced to the market after 30 June 2003 and are designed for use in explosive atmospheres within the EU.


VTT 02 ATEX 018X

Number of Notified Body, year of issue, grounds for EC type approval, approval code and X = subject to special conditions, which in this case are as follows: ambient temperature -20°C–+50°C

II (1) G where:
II = equipment group as per the 94/9/EC Directive (‘industrial’)
(1) = associated apparatus belonging to equipment category No 1
G = hazard, in this case liquid, gas or mist

IIC where:
II = ignitability group
C = gas group that defines the kinds of substances that are allowed to be present in the process

[EEx ia] where:
E = denotes compliance with EN standards
Ex = identifies explosion protected equipment
ia = identifies an intrinsically safe system
[ ] = denotes that the device is an associated apparatus that must not be installed in hazardous areas but that can be connected to an intrinsically safe apparatus located within a hazardous area

Ta = specifies the ambient temperature of the hazardous area -20°C–+50°C

Requirements set on manufacturers by the ATEX Directive (94/9/EC)

  • Production quality control certified in accordance with the SFS-EN 13980 standard
  • ISO 9001 certified quality system including the additional requirements of the ATEX Directive
  • Product-specific ATEX certificates, EC type examination
  • Markings on the product’s rating plate in conformance with the Directive
  • Declaration of conformity and operating instructions
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